Receivables/Collections Department

Accounts Receivable Department

Our accounts receivable department is structured to provide the most efficient and current payment options available at a minimal expense to the Association. With our state of the art software, we are able to track precisely how charges are placed on an account and how payments are applied to those charges. We offer a number of payment options including personal check or money order (in person at our office location, or by mail through our secure lock-box payment system), auto-debit from a specified bank account, online credit card payments, online E-check service and checks processed through a personal bill pay service. Our office does not accept cash payments. Our staff is available to speak with an owner during regular business hours to discuss their account balance or to immediately provide the owner with a ledger of their account in person, via email or via facsimile. Owners also have online access to their account balance, as well as a breakdown of that balance through our secure website.


Collection Department

It is evident that an association is unable to perform or meet the needs of its members without proper funding. Creative Management Company recommends and applies a proven collection policy for the association. Once the policy is adopted by the Board of Directors, the collection efforts for your community can then be streamlined for simplification. The collection status of the delinquent accounts is reported to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis in either written or electronic format. Collection notices, generated to owners via the postal service, consist of reminder notices, account statements and certified letters. All correspondence is formatted in a manner that conforms to all existing state and government laws affecting homeowners associations. While we do communicate extensively on a daily basis with owners who contact our office to resolve their account balances, it is our policy not to call owners at work or at home to harass them about a debt owed. In the event our collection efforts fail, and as a last resort, our personnel will work closely with your association’s attorney to facilitate the foreclosure of the lien that is created in the legal documents that govern your Association.


Many of our communities have a separate charge for sub-metered utilities or have collection policies in place that include the termination of utilities and/or cable service for non-payment of assessments. We feel that termination of services is a delicate issue and must be handled as such; therefore, we have personnel in place who specialize in those areas of collection. In the unfortunate event that termination of services becomes necessary, our personnel will contact the necessary providers to insure that termination occurs and that timely reconnection occurs when payment is received.
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