Violations & Owner Transfers

Violation Department

Curb appeal is one of the greatest assets an association has available. Our property managers perform a timely inspection of your community to determine and report any ongoing violations. If your community has formed a Deed Restriction Committee, our managers will work closely with your committee to ensure the violation concerns are addressed in a timely manner.


Our software tracks each violation until it is corrected. A history record is archived in the event the violation reoccurs. The notices are immediately processed through our Violation Department to ensure quick compliance. A violation report is available to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis in both written and electronic format. Our software generates a letter to the owner of the unit, as well as to the current resident in the event the owner has an off-site mailing address. Our letters are formatted to conform to all existing state and government laws affecting homeowners associations. Should the imposition of a violation assessment charge become necessary, our applications not only make sure the assessment is enforceable, but collectible as well.


Together with the attorney for the association, our personnel follows through with the legal process to ensure compliance with the deed restrictions thereby protecting your property values.


Resale Certificates / New Ownership

Our New Accounts Department will help facilitate the sale of a unit by providing the seller with a Resale Certificate within two business days of receipt of the processing fee. For the cost of reproduction, our office also provides a copy of the Association’s Declaration and By-Laws (commonly known as CC&R’s). After processing a closing from the title company, a payment booklet is ordered, and a letter is sent to the owner providing them with essential information for the association in which they have chosen to become a member. Our software allows for the welcome letter to include information that is specific to the community, eliminating the “generic” welcome letter of the past.


Our office personnel works closely with several tax companies and title companies in the Greater Houston area to ensure that all balances owed by the seller are paid in full at the time of closing. The buyer will be required to pay the first two months of assessments at closing. This allows our office sufficient time to receive the closing information from the title company, to process the necessary welcome package, and to mail a payment booklet to the buyer before their first assessment payment becomes due.
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