Accounts Receivable

We strive to keep your costs low. Our Accounts Receivable Department is structured to provide convenient payment options at a minimal expense to your association. Creative Management Company’s state-of-the-art software tracks precisely how charges are placed on an account and how payments are applied to those charges.

 Choose from these flexible payment options:

  1. Automatic debits from your bank account (ACH)
  2. Online credit card payments
  3. Online electronic checks (eCheck)
  4. Personal checks/money orders by mail through our secure lockbox payment system
  5. Payments processed through a personal bill pay service
  6. Personal checks/money orders in person at our office

For bookkeeping and security purposes, Creative Management Company does not accept cash payments.

Our responsive staff is available during regular business hours to discuss account balances with owners and provide account ledgers in person, by e-mail, fax or US Postal Service. You also have online access to your account balances and balance breakdowns through Creative Management Company’s secured website.

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