Because proper funding is vital for your association to operate effectively and meet the needs of your community, Creative Management Company utilizes a time-proven collection policy that streamlines and simplifies the collection efforts of your Association.

  •  Association Board of Directors receive a monthly report detailing the collection status of delinquent accounts.
  • We correspond with owners via reminder notices and account statements sent by regular mail and collection notices sent by certified mail. All correspondence is formatted in compliance with state and government regulations affecting homeowner associations.
  • We communicate daily with owners who contact our office to resolve their account balances. However, Creative Management Company follows a strict policy whereby we do not call owners at work or home to collect outstanding debts.
  • If internal collection efforts fail, we work closely with your association’s attorney to facilitate the foreclosure of the lien provided for in the legal documents that govern your association.

Many of our communities have a separate charge for sub-metered utilities or have collection policies that include the termination of utility services for non-payment of assessments. We realize that termination of services is a delicate issue, and we have staff members who specialize in those areas of collection. In the unfortunate event it becomes necessary to terminate utility services, Creative Management Company will coordinate both the termination and timely service reconnection once payment is received.

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