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Creative Management Company does not complete any forms before payment is received. We realize the importance of time, and every effort is made to have the form available to you the next business day, although completion is dependent on our volume of requests. Creative Management Company does not accept rush fees for the completion of any form as our turnaround is guaranteed within two business days. 

What you will receive:  

With your completed form, Creative Management Company will provide proof of insurance, a budget and a recent financial statement for the community.  If there is any pending litigation, only a copy of the lawsuit will be provided to you. You can then obtain additional or up-to-date information from the website for the court in which the lawsuit has been filed.

If additional items are requested from our office other than the standard documents, there may be additional costs associated with your request.


The processing fee for a Mortgage Form is $200.00.   The fee charged per form or document, not per applicant or property. Please be sure to submit the correct form for your type of community. Completion of this form does not guarantee loan approval.

Payment can be made online. Please read the instructions below in their entirety before attempting to make payment.

  1. After clicking the link below, type in RESALE and click FIND – click on Creative Management Company - Resale Docs to populate into the box.
  3. To complete your order, please enter the confirmation number you receive after making payment, along with the required information in the order form below.
  4. After your order is received, the completed form or questionnaire will be emailed to you within two business days.
  5. Click here to make a payment on the Pacific Western Bank portal *

*Remit payment by E-Check at no cost to you, Credit Card payments will incur a processing fee of $14.95.

We’re here to help. If you have questions or need additional information, e-mail our closing coordinator Joyce at or call 713-772-4420, extension 115.

Governing Documents

We recommend you provide the buyer with a set of your association’s governing documents, including the Declaration and By-Laws (commonly known as CC&Rs).   

DUE TO THE SIZE OF THE GOVERNING DOCUMENTS, THEY CANNOT BE EMAILED, the documents can be accessed online.    The seller may obtain the documents at no cost by logging on to our website as a homeowner and navigating to the View Your Association's Documents page.    If you are a Realtor, Lender or 3rd Party and would like an access code to download or print the documents you may email your request to Please be sure to include the property address for which you need the legal documents for in your request.

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