Other Payment Options

Monthly Automatic Draft (ACH)

An automatic bank draft is a fast, easy way to make a payment by authorizing your association to deduct the monthly payment from your checking account.

 Follow these simple steps:

  • Click here to download the required ACH Authorization Form.
  • Return your completed application by mail, fax 713-772-8655 or e-mail to deposits@cmctx.com.

  Important to know:

  • If we receive your application by the 30th of the month, your first bank draft will start the following month.
  • Your bank account will be drafted on the 5th day of each month or on the following Monday if the 5th falls on a weekend. This date cannot be altered. 
  • Your bank account will continue to be drafted monthly until you submit a written cancellation notice to our office.
  • If your monthly assessment changes, you will receive a notice before the new amount is drafted.  

U.S. Mail/Lockbox

Payments by hardcopy check and money order are accepted.

 Follow these simple steps:

  • Make your check or money order payable to your homeowner association’s full name as it is written on the coupon (not Creative Management Company).
  • Write your account number on the memo line of the check.
  • Include the payment coupon in your envelope.
  • Mail your envelope to:

Your Association’s Name
c/o Creative Management Company
P.O. Box 105007
Atlanta, GA 30348-5007

  • Mail your check and payment coupon to our processing center 7 to 10 business days before the due date to avoid a late fee.

 Important to know:

  • The processing of your payment will be delayed and late fees may occur if you mail a payment without the required payment coupon.
  • To request a payment booklet, contact Creative Management Company at 713-772-4420 or deposits@cmctx.com.

Online Bill Pay Through Your Financial Institution

To set up your association as a payee with your own personal bill pay service offered by your financial institution, complete your bill pay setup exactly as follows:

  • Payee:                      The Name of Your Association (not Creative Management)
  • Address Line 1:       c/o Creative Management Company
  • Address Line 2:       P.O. Box 105007
  • City, State, Zip:        Atlanta, GA 30348-5007
  • Account Number:   Your 12-digit account number with no spaces or dashes

Important to know:

  • Payment is due on the 1st day of each month. To avoid a late fee, please allow 7 to 10 business days for the check to reach our processing center at Union Bank by the 1st day of each month.
  • Online services vary by financial institution. If your financial institution does not offer Electronic Bill Payment, it may have the capability to mail a payment on your behalf.

Although the banking institution withdraws the money from your account when the check is mailed, that does not mean your payment has been received. Payments will be credited to your account upon receipt, not when the check is dated, postmarked or withdrawn from your account.

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