Transfer of Ownership

For ownership transfers, we will provide a Resale Certificate or Mortgage Form within two business days of receipt of the request and payment of the processing fee. We will provide you with a link to obtain the association’s Declaration and By-Laws (commonly known as CC&Rs or Legal Documents) upon request.

After processing a closing from the title company, a payment booklet is ordered, and a letter is sent to the owner providing them with essential information for the association in which they have chosen to become a member. Our software allows for the welcome letter to include information that is specific to the community, eliminating the generic welcome letter of the past.

Our office personnel work closely with tax and title companies in the Greater Houston Area to ensure that all balances owed are paid in full. The buyer will be required to pay the first two months of assessments at closing. This allows our office sufficient time to receive the closing information from the title company, to process the necessary welcome package, and to mail a payment booklet to the buyer before their first assessment payment becomes due.

For information on how to order a Resale Certificate or Legal Documents, please click here

For information on how to order a Mortgage Form or Legal Documents, please click here

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